who make all
this possible

To create stories, you need to live stories. And we've lived many with those who love cinema.

A multidisciplinary and efficient team, that is our not-so-secret formula.

  • Passionated about the moving image and airplanes

    CEO, director

    Jorge Brivilati

    Brivilati is a director, photographer since childhood, and airplane pilot. He won his first Cannes Lions at the age of 25, already having accumulated over 10 awards in advertising.

  • “I love my cats, go to parties and be with friends. Actually be surrounded by them”

    Production Coordinator


    Production Coordinator. Former media professional at an agency. Enthusiast of biology and psychology, mother to cats and plants, entered the world of audiovisual about 5 years ago.

  • Ana Dolfini, editor


    Ana Dolfini

    Graduated in Radio and TV since 2014, she believed she would be the next Hitchcock. She enjoys horror movies, cats, and tasty food. For her, storytelling is paving the way for the construction of possible futures.

  • Mônica Gaibina, Financial Director

    Financial Director

    Mônica Gaibina

    With over 30 years of experience in the financial sector, she believes in diversity and people management, thriving in secure environments with abundance. She loves what she does and believes in positive energy.


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